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download videos and were going to take you through it, Whether you want to store a music. "What do I even ask?" Khill said. Susan Clairmont's commentary appears regularly in The Spectator. Khill was arrested in his driveway on Highway. It is unclear if any of the jurors are Indigenous. The shot from behind was a forensic pathologist will testify from above, as though Khill was standing over Styres. A patrol supervisor would later describe to the jury that he saw Hahn down on his knees, covered in mud, trying futilely to save Styres' life. That's how we were trained. A police witness would later testify Khill was initially charged with attempted murder and then, when it was confirmed a few minutes later that Styres was dead, it was upgraded to second-degree murder. "As you watch the trial Nadel told the jury, "look closely in the evidence for signs that the accused intended to kill Jonathan Styres.".

Khill was in the back of Robinson's cruiser and had been read his rights and cautioned when the officer asked if he had any questions. It might have been about protecting a truck. Near Styres' body, beside the truck's open passenger door, was a spent shotgun shell, two screwdrivers and a few coins.

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Those are the options presented to the seven men and five women of the jury as they begin to hear lyndall brakes promo code evidence in a second-degree murder trial where the only agreed fact so far is that Khill, who is white, fatally shot Styres, who is Indigenous. Why Our Website Created? While all this was going on, Const. The first Hamilton police officer at the scene was Const. "There was lots of blood on the male on the ground Acting Sgt.

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