Dollars & sense coupons

dollars & sense coupons

one stamp for every dime spent on merchandise. The same piece noted, though, that a customer who used the stamp makers catalogs could probably get an item worth three or four dollars for the same number of stamps, so the cash-redemption idea never really took off with most shoppers. It seems you're trying to access our site using IE 8, a browser we no longer support. In all likelihood, though, youd need to mail the coupons to the issuing company, which is a pretty lousy financial proposition given the price of stamps. For a better experience, please try accessing the site using another browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari or update your internet explorer to the latest version. Garb 10 discount on your selected categories like Jeans, Dresses, Intimates, Juniors Plus, Womens select blinds coupon code Plus, Girls Plus, Girls Slim, Boys Husky, Frag. Other states followed suit. As one might guess, the individual stamps didnt get princely face values. Manufacturer coupons that shaved money off of items prices became more popular as inducements to get shoppers into stores, and the fuel crisis of the early 1970s sapped away the stamps large market at gas stations.

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Coupons cannot be doubled. As with the old trade stamps, it doesnt really matter how infinitesimal the stated value is as long as its not zero. Everyone was happy, and the system flourished. So Can I Round Up 20 Coupons and Get a Penny? Merchants had to pay for the stamps they gave away, and the cost of the stamp obviously got passed along to the customer in the form of higher prices. Their popularity peaked in the 1960s when nearly 80 percent of American apex hotel promo code households saved stamps, but within a decade the craze had died. See our coupon policy to get answers to the most commonly asked questions. That valuation meant that a customer with a full book of 1,000 stamps could redeem it for a dollar. The trading stamps were a runaway success. Trading stamps first found their way into merchants registers in the 1890s. But some states legally lump trade stamps and coupons in together, so coupons distributed in these states have to bear some printed cash redemption value. As any economist worth his cost function can tell you, though, the toasters and vacuum cleaners that customers got werent free at all.

dollars & sense coupons