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qualify as this trope. It is noted in the Pokedex that Rayquaza has lived in the ozone layer for several hundred million years because it gets its energy from water particles and sunlight in the ozone layer, meaning that it doesn't ever need to go down on solid ground. The Observer of Time in RahXephon : Pluralitas Concentio. How many millennia have they watched the play of stars and felt the feet of mortals walking upon their backs? Mother Gothel, from season seven, takes this a step further: she caused the extinction of humanity and the erasure of magic in The Land Without Magic thousands of years ago, and is actually the current Mother Nature. Of course, considering that the theory of continuing Big Bangs and Big Crunches (i.e. This is part of the reason they do not interact much with other species from their perspective, none ever last long enough for any meaningful interaction to occur. Guyver : Zoalords Archanfel and Waferdanos were born before the last Ice Age, making them at least three million years old. The friends made a Heroic Sacrifice, while she remained guarding the prison.

The construct Archive (not its hosts, who expire) is also somewhere in the region of five millennia old. As is the Big Bad, The Nameless One's mortality, who cannot die while he does and does remember everything The Nameless One has ever forgotten. He too is probably an example as he's the embodiment of magic.

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More specifically, the intelligent octopi who live in the oceans are an extremely ancient species, old enough to have seen at least some of the great ancient civilizations rise, flourish and either die out or leave. Later it was worshiped by a race of serpent-men in ancient Hyperborea, until it was lost for millions of years before being found by the first humans in Lemuria and millennia later again in ancient Egypt, where the eponymous Avatar of the god Nyarlathotep was. And they were already really old in those days. The angels that inhabit them are even older. At one point, Wanderer, who has lost track of her own age she's been around so long, can only pinpoint an event as being "after the dinosaurs lived on Earth". And before there was nothing. This means that Schlock and his kin are effectively immortal, and gives you an idea of just how long the Bradicor have been around.

Her father's skeleton is on display in a natural history museum. The Arisians in the Lensman series. BlazBlue Rachel Alucard started as "merely" Really 700 Years Old.